I directed, created and produced content for ESPN, both website and TV Shows about action sports lifestyle, athletes and competitions. A more in depth approach with over 20 years of experience bringing the hard driven energy that keeps the action sports alive.

Graphic Design

Working with the most amazing people out there in the field, align typography and photography with the simple mission to communicate with individuals to make the world a better place. Creating visual identity by reinforcing brand names showcasing values and emotions.


As a photographer I have been working for the most prestigious brands, distributors, individual professionals, athletes, restaurants, start up companies and much more, showcasing and helping developing and promoting products, along with marketing campaigns
to achieve every goal in their respective field of operation.

Webdesign Solutions

In webdesign I combine all my skills as photographer and videographer with my knowledge in WordPress (HTML, PHP and CSS) to create the most unique web sites for tattoo franchises, restaurants, apparel brands, signage companies and the bicycle industry.