Mauricio Cassulino

Fresno – CA

Photographer, Videographer, Editor, Web and Graphic Designer,
Blogger, Production Manager, Digital Partnerships

As a photographer I have been working for the most prestigious brands and distributors
showcasing and helping developing products along with athletes, costumers and everything
related to the their field of operation.

I directed, created and produced content for ESPN, both website and TV Shows about Action Sports. A more in depth approach with over 20 years of experience bringing the hard driven
energy that keeps the action sports alive.

In Web/Graphic Designer I combine all my skills as photographer and videographer with my
knowledge in WordPress (HTML, PHP and CSS) to create the most unique web sites for
Tattoo Franchises, Restaurants, Apparel Brands,Signage Companies and the Bicycle Industry.


• Self Motivated team player with positive energy.
• Video Producer & Photographer.
• Video and Photo editor.
• Web & Graphic Designer.
• WordPress Front End designer, very good in customizing themes.
• Comprehensive knowledge of web based programming languages like HTM, CSS, PHP.
• Adobe Creative Suite proficiency.
• Corel Draw, Flexi Sign proficiency.
• Strong understanding of digital/social platforms and their use within marketing.
• Excellent communication skills in order to interpret briefs with the team and clients.
• Work in a fast paced environment while maintaining attention to detail.


• Impacta Technology University (2006 – 2010)
Bachelor Graphic & Digital Design


Remote Graphic Designer at Presentation Media Inc. (2020 - Present)

• Handling large format print for billboards, building wraps, wall graphics and signage for the aerospace industry.
• Art director focused on the trade show industry working closely with project managers and engineers to delivery the best experience possible to customer.

Graphic Designer at Signarama/American Sign Company (2018 - 2020)

• I’m the lead design in charge and the production manager.
• Handle all the large format printing, Banners, Window, Wall Graphics, Decals, etc…
• Create detailed manufacturing drawings to scale for city permits and production.
• Responsible to work in sync with clients, engineers, designers and production department to make sure we delivery
the best experience and final product to clients.
• Take designs from concept to final product by creating all assets necessary to insure understanding and successful implementation of product.
• I operate the plotter, CNC/router and Laser machine (Laguna Tools).

Graphic Designer at WESCO Signs (2015 - 2018)

• Create new and original designs from scratch.
• Take designs from concept to final product by creating all assets necessary to insure understanding and successful implementation of product.
• I also generated files for production, assist and operate the plotter and the CNC/router machine (Multicam 3000 Series).

Photographer (Freelance) at DoorDash Inc. (2017 - 2018)-(2020-Present)

• Responsible to get in touch with merchants to schedule photoshoots.
• Shoot a range of 10 to 20 dishes per restaurant following the photography standards from DoorDash Inc.
• Post production and assuring the best quality of the pictures.

Web and graphic designer at Clube Tattoo Franchises (2008 - 2015)

• I developed and created the entire concept from scratch to built a very strong and functional identity to Clube Tattoo Franchises.
• I designed, built and maintained the web site/ E-commerce using WordPress CSM, content creation tools, management tools, and digital media.
• Responsible for update and generate content for the web site and all the graphic designs for magazine adds, banners, web and printed flyers.
• Oversee the creation of social media content and audience engagement.

ESPN Brazil (2012 - 2015)

• Responsible for update, generate and develop exclusive content for ESPN Brazil Action Sports Website.  All duties include
professional photography and video
production. –
• I directed and produced a TV Show for the “Faixa Radical” on ESPN Brazil channel on cable TV, the show featured the
life style of riders and covered all the major bicycle contests and events.
• Organize and string together raw footage into a continuous whole according to scripts or the instructions of directors and producers.